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If you are still wondering what ikigai is, let us explain: it’s your reason for getting up in the morning, the reason for being. It’s something that is different for every person or, translated to business, different for every brand.

And if you are wondering why we named ourselves “ikigai”…. well, our business is our ikigai. A sustainable passion for eternal creation and creativity. “The art” of doing work with supreme focus and joy. That is our principle in life as well- everything we do, we do it with focus and joy.



Strategy is always the starting point. It sets the trajectory, gives meaning and clarity. From brand strategy and naming to telling a beautiful, honest story about your brand, we help your brand to define and fulfill it's purpose (ikigai).


Whether you need to communicate your brand value, new product or service, we start with a promotional campaign concept. It will inspire and add value to the brand and the customer. We'll make a 360* – from insight, idea, key messages to distribution channels.


Life is easier when you have a guide. So is your brand. A brand is a living organism that constantly evolves and needs adjustments. We are here to guide you through that process and curate brand's communication evolution.


Shhhefica – lifestyle branding
Artidas – wingwave and life coaching
Vidi – Visual design studio


Your brand is feeling stuck, lacks purpose or joy?

We can gladly help!