Copy this, not that

Did you know that 85% of all advertising is unnoticed?

Hm, talk about writing on the wind, a?

An authority* in advertising once said that originality is the most dangerous word in advertising, and that preoccupied with originality, the copywriters pursue something that is illusionary and doesn’t exist.

But the holy grail still exists – if it doesn’t sell, it’s not “creative”.

So, how to overcome that gap between searching for the illusionary creative and actually selling stuff through your copy?

Write stories. Write stories about your product. Because in Darwinian terms, we are still suckers for good stories. It’s the way we’ve always communicated and always will. It’s in our nature to know more, to be curious about things. Take advantage of that and write a story.

A simple story.

(Hm, did we say our main goal is simplification? ;))


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