We think brands are like living beings. Just like a person, every brand has it’s own IKIGAI, a PURPOSE of being. Just like a person, every brand can fulfill it’s purpose and make an impact. Weather you need to tell a good story about your brand or just feeling stuck with it’s communication, we can be of service.


I am Ivana and I’m the owner and creative director Ikigai marketing agency/Ikigai brand.


I have a Master’s degree in Journalism and Public Relations and I’m in the marketing and communications industry for the past 12 years.


Most of my time I worked in major international agencies in Croatia such as Bruketa&Žinić&Grey.

I worked in all aspects of marketing/advertising with international and domestic clients such as Coca-Cola HBC, Libresse, American Express, INA, TELE2, Addiko Bank and A1.


Ikigai KI Communications were launched in 2018, with clients such as ZTC-Zapadni trgovački center Rijeka, Carwizz and Vedran Babic, Parliamentary Representative.


Encouraged by personal growth and development, in search of my own reason for living, I found my ikigai and joy in brand-building and solving creative promotional challenges.


Guided by intense intuition which allows me to see the heart of the problem, I can say that Ikigai works by the principles of „intuitive marketing“.


Today, I am lucky to work with people like myself in the Ikigai collective.


We are here to make your business grow.


Strategy – Brand & Communications

Strategy is the alpha and omega of the brand. It’s a starting point and things are always easier when we know where to start.


From defining brand purpose to it’s communication on the market, we articulate and define:

  • Brand purpose, positioning and proposition
  • Brand name and claim
  • Brand story
  • Brand visual communication (architecture, visual identity, visual standards, logotype)
  • Brand verbal style and messaging


Like any living thing, brand requires periodic revision and improvement (sometimes only “cosmetic changes”) in order to keep up. We also provide brand guidance and support, so you are never alone in this process. (see Consultations)

Concepts – Advertising & PR campaigns

Derived from brand and communication strategy, a creative concept is a ‘big idea’ that captures audience interest, influences their emotional response, and inspires them to take action. It is a unifying theme used across all campaign messages reflecting the big idea.


We define:

  • The problem and the ‘why’
  • Target audience
  • Expected behavior change or reaction
  • Idea
  • Headline/tagline
  • Key visual
  • Message adaptation through channels


We crack the brief and deliver the concept. You do the rest. But if you need us, we are here. (see Consultations)

Consultations – Brand & PR

If you are still not willing to commit permanently, or you are just on a budget, there are two types of consultations we can offer:


1 – Sensei – Consultations for beginners and anyone who feels that way You have an entrepreneurial idea and a business plan, but you don’t know how to present your brand to the market? Just like a patient Sensei, we will teach you what you need to do to come up with the optimal communication solution for your brand.


This phase includes:

  • In-depth consideration of the brand and it’s the environment
  • Setting up a project (brief) as the basic document for the new brand communication


The purpose of these consultations is to define the beginning: who we are, what we are, and where we want to be.


After this step, you can decide whether we will work together to create your brand strategy.


2 – Gaido – Consultations for more advanced users You’ve set up the business, you know what your brand communicates, but you feel stuck? Is your brand facing a communication challenge? Or are we simply continuing the collaboration we started earlier? Let us be your Gaido.


This phase includes “brand hygiene” (brand maintenance):

  • Checking the implementation of the brand strategy, the way it is reflected and communicated in the brand environment
  • Identifying the brand’s strengths and weaknesses to define the space for intervention, further growth, and development
  • Defining strategic guidelines for further communication implementation


The purpose of these consultations is to provide clarity and insight: where, why, and how to proceed.


Before everything, there was intuition. Then came the experience. Then we combined it. Now we have a very powerful tool kit to be of service to you and your brand. We call it ‘intuitive branding’.

  • 01

    Quick challenge detection

  • 02

    Bringing clarity in structure messaging.

  • 03

    New fresh refined & creative solutions.

  • 04

    Delivering the best solution

We invite you to do good for your brand.
So your brand can do good for you and the community.