We are a small collective of professionals specialized in brand & communication strategies and brand consulting.

With more than 12 years of experience in marketing and advertising, we worked in major international advertising agencies in Croatia, serving major international clients in different positions. That thought us how to see the bigger picture, how to see things from different perspectives and we developed a little thing called – intuition.


This is our greatest strength – we see the core of the problem and have the experience to be creative about it.

But hey, this is not about us, it’s about you.
We would love to help your brand prosper and grow. Just like we do every day.



I am Ivana and I’m the owner and creative director Ikigai marketing agency/Ikigai brand.


I have a Master’s degree in Journalism and Public Relations and I’m in the marketing and communications industry for the past 12 years. Most of my time I worked in major international agencies in Croatia such as Bruketa&Žinić&Grey.
I worked in all aspects of marketing/advertising with international and domestic clients such as Coca-Cola HBC, Libresse, American Express, INA, TELE2, Addiko Bank and A1.


Ikigai KI Communications were launched in 2018, with clients such as ZTC-Zapadni trgovački center Rijeka, Carwizz and Vedran Babic, Parliamentary Representative.


Encouraged by personal growth and development, in search of my own reason for living, I found my ikigai and joy in brand-building and solving creative promotional challenges.


Guided by intense intuition which allows me to see the heart of the problem, I can say that Ikigai works by the principles of „intuitive marketing“.


Today, I am lucky to work with people like myself in the Ikigai collective.


We are here to make your business grow.


“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” A. Einstein


We are specialized in brand and communication strategies.
The strategy needs to discover what makes your business unique, who is your target audience, how to communicate with them, and which aspects of your business you should highlight through the process of branding
It defines your brand trajectory.
If you want to know where your brand is going online and offline, you need a strategy.

Advertising campaign concepts

David Ogilvy once said: “I do not regard advertising as entertainment or an art form, but as a medium of information.”
Whatever else advertising is trying to do, whether, with words or pictures, its purpose always is to provide information. Advertising serves everything from politics to social consciousness.
So, whether you need to communicate your brand value, new product or new service, we start with a promotional campaign concept.
It will give you a 360 approach – insight, idea, key messages, distribution channels, and operationalization.
It will inspire, entertain, add value to the brand and the customer.


A good copy can turn features into benefits that help your customer picture how the product or service will help them.
A good copy can charge a message with an emotional narrative that turns a seemingly dull thing into something exciting a customer can relate to. A good copy can engage and develop loyalty.
A good copy can make your brand your customers best friend. Well, almost.


Product/brand naming, concepts, slogans, blogs, newsletters, POS materials, TV&radio ads, print materials, social media content, web sites, press releases, the name for your new dog… you say it, we’ll write it.


Shhhefica – lifestyle branding
Artidas – wingwave and life coaching
Vidi – Visual design studio