Brooke laughed whenever she realized Katie fainted on purpose because she got fallen crazy about Ridge herself

Immediately following Katie stuck him or her celebrating the newest collection clover dating online and became popular the girl a wedding ring, Brooke and you will Bill generated love, however, Katie decided she wanted Statement back shortly after a middle episode

During the Hope's graduation people, where everyone wore the same outfits and you can face masks, Brooke imagine she is actually having sexual intercourse to help you Ridge but had really slept having Hope's date, Oliver Jones. When Steffy made an effort to blackmail Brooke with the information, Brooke defused Steffy's bomb of the coming brush so you can Ridge, which amazingly realized. However, Brooke alienated Promise in the event that scandal turned personal, and you may Brooke receive by herself double-slapped from the Stephanie.

After rescued, Brooke failed to completely refuse Thomas' say that that they had produced like, very Brooke offered Ridge a divorce or separation and you can permission getting with Taylor

Brooke envision Stephanie try faking once more when Stephanie fainted at the front end away from her, but Brooke grabbed Stephanie into healthcare and turned into the lady nemesis' inadvertent confidante when it proved Stephanie got Phase IV lung cancer tumors. Brooke's pleas getting Stephanie to tell the family dropped toward deaf ears, and you will Brooke discovered herself operating good roller coaster with Stephanie once the Stephanie looked out of the girl container record.