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Carla is defensive out of Roy and took the girl promise to Hayley to provide for your most positively. In 2019, Roy's complications with sleepwalking came back following the death of their mom and then he unwittingly kicked more than a lamp and set flame so you're able to Peter's ship, placing Simon in grave issues. Acting hastily, Carla found incriminating CCTV away from Roy and you may removed they. When Roy later on located just what he had over, he was enraged during the Carla to possess attempting to protection it up and you can allowing Abi Franklin to face this new little finger out-of fault. Roy is thus offended because of the Carla's measures that he expected their to depart this new apartment.

In the event the warehouse collapsed weeks after, Roy attempted to assistance Carla again and you may took straight back their demand you to she see option rooms.