Kyoshi's existence considerably altered when you look at the 296 BG

The pair of them nearly kissed but prevented by themselves earlier taken place, convinced that a romance was impossible due to their different social channels and you can commitments

Through the years, Yun, Rangi, and you may Kyoshi expanded much more close, this new presumed Avatar and also the servant girl in particular investing much date along with her. Certainly one of Kyoshi's requirements is always to help Yun sort through the numerous presents sent to him of the officials and you will sages out of within Environment Kingdom. [17] One-night if you're sorting using him or her, Yun put their lead in her lap since two joked up to. None of those stated that it event again, however, and in case Yun saw flames lilies he'd look back and you may forward among them and you may Kyoshi until she smiled and you can blushed. [18]