About This Project

ZTC – Zapadni trgovački centar, Rijeka

events – creative concepts and organization


Besides the number and quality of stores, how do you attract people to a retail center? Give them “shopping mall entertainment”! 🙂


Our client, ZTC had a serious challenge – increasing the number of visitors and creating additional value for them. Also, they needed a new perspective on retail center events. So, we hopped in with our fresh creative ideas and made things happen:


”051 kuhaj!” // “051 cook!” with Mario Lipovšek and Davor Jurkotić (also known as “Bele udovice”)
The real parody on popular cooking show “321 kuhaj!”//“321 cook!”. The contestants had to combine abhorrent alimenaries and make a new dish to win the prize.

“ZTC Street”
The real street inside the retail center. Drawing with crayons, clowns and performers, face painting, hula-hoop workshop and a show for kids made a full day of activities for the birthday celebration of the center.


“ZTC Mali istraživači” // “ZTC Little explorers”
We organized a STEM workshop for children in the center. Kids learned laws of physics, mechanics, and chemistry all together combined with art.

“Zimska čarolija”//“Winter magic”
Set of events we did for the celebration of Christmas in the center. Lost fun new events for everyone.


“Christmas magic by Luka Vidović”
“Holiday stress-free” zone
“Big Christmas canvas painting for kids”
“Ugly sweater contest with Jurkotić&Lipovšek”
“Damir Kedžo Christmas tunes”


“Zlatno jaje” – uskršnja predstava za djecu // “Golden egg” – easter show for kids