About This Project

Vedran Babić – running for the Major of Daruvar city

communication strategy/copywriting


Politics is never easy. And when you are running against the main party’s candidate (HDZ), it’s even harder. Trying to give an alternative, a modern and socially aware candidate to the people of Daruvar, we created a communication strategy for Vedran Babić, an SDP’s candidate to run for the major of Daruvar.


Given the Client was already a politically active member of Croatian Parliament, the strategy was based on a persona. We wanted to create one that is accessible, socially sensitive and before everything – one of them. A citizen od Daruvar that also happens to have a certain political influence on a state level so he can tackle any problem faster and more efficient. We wanted to show our voters that the Client will prioritize city issues and create an open dialogue with its citizens.


Also, we had to balance the tone of voice between “being too patronizing” and “being too popular”. So, given the communication outline, guidelines and design to work within, the headline/subheadline was a mutation between something given and something we needed to create:


“Daruvar prije svega. Jer samo ZAJEDNO MOŽEMO.” /
“Daruvar before all. Because only TOGETHER WE CAN.”
(“Zajedno možemo”/ “Together we can” was predetermined)


The idea behind the slogan was derived and emphasized from the strategy – the city and its problems come first, no matter what. Because only together we can make a difference. Visuals followed the strategy – Client persona was shown on all materials to demonstrate the liability. The slogan was also mutated on materials.


The campaign program was based on 5 key points – Youth, Entrepreneurship development, Tourism and ecology, and Socially sensitive groups.


It was delivered offline via print materials (BB, citylight, leaflet/program, letter to the voters, Easter greeting card, interview), radio commercial, meetings and public events (“Petrov vrh picnic”, “Last minute party” before vote day) and online through the Client’s Facebook page that he managed himself. Public relations were made through TV, radio and Facebook live presence, interviews and debates where the Client presented the 5 key points program.


The election had two rounds. For the second round, we had to invite and provoke the voters who didn’t vote in the first round and/or indecisive ones. So, we created a blunt and straightforward communication saying “you matter too because your city needs you to decide on a better future. If you don’t vote, someone else will determine your future”. That way we put the citizens/voters in the center of message granted their importance and added the limited time component.


Second round visuals were made in simple brand color to underline the message:


“I ti si bitan
Nedjelja, 4. 6. 2017.”
“You matter
Sunday, 6/4/2017”


Voters response went up for one third. The Client lost by only a few votes, but by this day remains the peoples first choice for the city of Daruvar.